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About me

Minerva Torres-Guzman was born in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. Her childhood consisted in crossing the United States-Mexican Border on a weekly basis. Her work deals with the blending of ideas and memories that growing up on both sides of the border bestowed. Working in a highly rendered pop art aesthetic, Minerva uses iconic images of Mexican celebrities as homage to the culture she grew up with.


Graduating from Holtville High School, Minerva attended Imperial Valley College for two years and then transferred to the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California. Not being the right fit, she then transferred to a neighboring art school in Los Angeles, California. Otis College of Art and Design was a place where Minerva found her voice and was given the tools to express and execute her ideas into works of arts. She graduated from Otis with her BFA in 2007.


Upon graduation, Minerva moved back to Holtville, where she currently resides, and participates in local art shows (on both sides of the international border). Minerva has also focused on attending and participating in art fairs and festivals, where she sells her wares.

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